Breaking a New Year's Resolution

Tick-tock goes the clock. 3…2…1!!! Happy 2015! Time for the New Year's Resolutions!

So, what is the most popular resolution you hear? Eat less and hit the gym more, when most people would prefer to binge Netflix and the newest sugary flavor of… whatever.

Remember that it is also a time to reflect on what was memorable in the prior year. What brought us joy. What surprised us. What motivated us to make it through all 365 days, exhausted but stronger. That is where the true gems of a resolution start to form.

Years ago I made the 'resolution' to never make a resolution again. This is the year that I will finally break my own rule. Hey, if you can, why can't I?! Let's get down to it then!!

1. Define what beauty means; Challenge that definition daily

Hannah - SoHo, NY. 2014

Hannah - SoHo, NY. 2014

2. Live more in the moment; Observe what makes that moment special

Let's Jump - Tenerife, Spain. 2014

3. Experience the spectrum of Romance; Find new ways to capture it

Christina + Kraig - Milford, PA. 2014

4. Seek out more sunsets; Share them with friends and family

Guava Sunset - Tenerife, Spain. 2014

Guava Sunset - Tenerife, Spain. 2014

What was your most memorable, most beautiful, most romantic or… most 'sunny' moment of 2014?